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Posted on Sep 13, 2019

Quick Appliance Repair Today


Tips for self-repair and care of Refrigerator

If you are facing no lights and no running vibration in your Refrigerator.

Check refrigerators electric power supply socket may no have power supply. Please check it by changing any other electrical device. If it’s working, then it’s confirm that power supply socket is faulty. Please call to your nearest electrician and repair the power supply source of your refrigerator, because there is no need to repair the refrigerator ( needed repair of electric socket).

If refrigerators is running and light is ok but less cooling or low freezing,.

Please check the Refrigerator’s conditioner part, if no ventilation for good condensation Please make Refrigerator’s installation place ventilated and better source for hot air flow to outside. After following these tips if problem not solved of less cooling, please call us our Service technician will come out and solved the problem.
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